Saturday, July 9, 2011

madikong befday

6 pm... I can feel my heart is beating vigorously right now. My hand is sweating. Hahaha... I am planning to make a surprise  birthday’s party for my best friend Madihah. I shouted to Madi just now. “how my things got into your particion!”.  It is little bit cruel for her. My friends and I had planning this since last week.  My friend had hid my camera into her particion. After that, I pretended to look for it. I turned to angry mode. One of my friend gave an opinion to make a sport check.  Suddenly, we found the camera in her particion. Her face changed into an innocent face and burst into cry. I am feeling little bit guilty but to make a surprise party I  have to do this. We are planning to surprise her this night at 12.00 pm. We will throw water to her and  make a party. Its is normal to us to joke each other but this time is serious, so we must be aware.  Tonight I have a discussion until 10.00pm. I will go to market to buy some food for the party. We are hoping  this will be done as planned. we will see tonight whether it is done as we plan or vice versa. To be continued my dear diary. Happy birthday Madihah.

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